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Find favorite films from your childhood, classic films, or discover many new movies from a large selection of films on TVNOW that will impress and captivate you. Our various streaming offer includes over 1,000 films in multiple categories. Whether from the genre of adventure or drama, fantasy or cooking, crime, or independent - on TV NOW, you will find the right strip for every movie night and every taste.

HORROR FILMS TO SCARE AND ACTION FILMS WITH SHOOTINGS Do you love excitement and thrills, or can't you get enough of zombies and evil spirits? Then creepy horror films like The Nun or Visitors are perfect for an evening on the couch. Less brutal scenes are shown in the mystery thriller After - yet the film captivates its viewers for 90 minutes. Those who think more of Action can accompany British secret agent James Bond 007 on his adventures and battles against evil in the film series of the same name. Casino Royale and A Quantum of Solaceare among the newer Bond films in the popular film series, in which six actors have embodied agent 007 since 1962. Gunfights are popular actions in action films, which is why the action-drama Lord of War with Hollywood actor Nicolas Cage is one of the most popular movies in the film genre Action.

LOVE STORIES IN ROMANTIC DRAMAS FROM AROUND THE WORLD Just how varied the selection of films on Pk123Movies is shown by the numerous anime, mostly from the Asian region - and Bollywood films, like the film published in 2001 in both good and challenging days. The Bollywood dramas are often about arranged weddings, family tragedies, and secret love affairs. Many musically backed dance scenes are shown, in which the protagonists sing and dance in colorful costumes. Matching costumes can also be seen in the numerous western films that can be streamed on TV NOW. The spectrum ranges from award-winning films such as the black-and-white film Stagecoach - Hell trip to Sante F閒rom 1939 to newer western strips, which in addition to elements from the Wild West, also have romantic items. If the love stories from the Western films are not enough, you can choose one of the exciting and tearful love stories from the genre of romance for the next girls' evening. Even comedies or comedy movies are perfect for an evening with lots of popcorn and get you while still neatly laugh!

FROM SCIENCE FICTION TO CHILDREN'S FILMS - LEGAL STREAMING AT Pk123Movies Browse through the extensive film media library on Pk123Movies and find many other films from the genres of music or sports. For fans of aliens and space stories, the genre Science Fiction offers entertaining films from different decades. The little viewers can also accompany their favorite heroes and role models in numerous children's and animated movies on their adventures: Popeye, the cartoon classic from 1942, or Casper and his friends are just two of many comic highlights. gives you the opportunity to watch all films and TV series online absolutely free of charge and without registration. indexes extreme video sharing services for uploaded videos and links to the right pages so you can enjoy movies online. If you like movies, you will like!

Never miss the start of your new favorite movie again. At Pk123Movies, you can enjoy new films that were only recently shown in cinemas in comfort from your home sofa in HD and sometimes even in Ultra HD 4K with your friends and the whole family. The latest blockbusters, documentaries, family films, and many other innovations await you not only on your PC / Mac but also on your Smart TV on Entertain and Entertain TV as well as on your smartphone and tablet.

We have a vast collection of online serials and movies online at outstanding quality, mostly HD. At the same time, the list of films and series is updated every day; we make sure that all sources are functional because we know how unpleasant it is to look for online serials or movies and to find players who do not go. We hope you like it and come back. Enjoy!